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2007 Season Recap:

It was another solid year for the Longhorns, here are a few highlights: * We won the league again which makes it 11 championships in 15 years * Ted Eisten moved out of his parents place and held a great ‘Come and Go’ tea party * Paul Reid is the first Longhorn to carry the K-LID (3 strike outs in one game) over to the next season * Kuzek lead the league in bloop singles * Rex had a .300 point drop in his batting average, who says coaching isn’t stressful? * Gave up the first 4 runs against the Mets in their short existance * Fechy is 5 children short of fielding his own Longhorn Team * Found out that other FMBA teams read our web page and try to use it for motivation, well good luck to you on that one!!