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Giant Sweep

Game 1

We beat the Giants 12-4

We won’t call this game a pitchers dual. There guy and Peach threw 205 pitches over 4 innings. We hit the ball, but left to way many runners on base, 9 ducks to be exact. We left the bases loaded 3 times. Albo, Joyce, Pep all have doubles. Taylor had 3 rbis, Joyce, Albo and Pep had 2. Elliot came in, threw strikes and mopped them up.
Highlight of the game is Engdahl got the KLID.
Game 2
We came back and beat the Giants 9-5.  This game started off great for the Giants after Kenny hit a 3 run home run in the first.  It shouldn’t have even happened as the runner on first thought there was 3 outs and started to walk towards the dugout and we threw him out but the ump was sleeping and called him safe.  He didn’t even touch the bag.  Next pitch, Kenny went oppotaco.  Oh well, it’s the FMBA during Stampede.

We put the ball in play and just hit it to Chuck Knoblauch at second base. He proceeded to throw away or boot every ball hit to him. Elliot raked all game going 3 for 4 with 2 doubles.  Albo and Bud also had a couple knocks. Pep pitched well and shut them down.
Next up is the Gunz.  I am sure both teams will be fielding a solid 9 because of Stampede.