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Mother’s Day Masquer

Game 1

We won 10-7, and not even the WhiteSoxs pink bats could help them today. Two new Longhorns Connor and Zack pitched well but the day belonged to Kellen Foreman. He picked up 5 RBIs but still hasn’t hit an HR. We would like to give a shout-out to the WhiteSoxs 1st baseman for dropping 3 balls.
Game 2
We won 14-6 and put up 8 runs in the first inning. Lots of walks and us pounding their muffin pitchers strikes into the dirt. After we chased their first pitcher the next 2 didn’t throw over 65mph. Teddy pitched well but got knocked around a bit; he K’d 11. Jade Alberts came in relief, and K’d 2 in one inning. Teddy and Jade’s combined age was 89. The FMBA hasn’t seen a number like this since the old Cardinals retired. They were able to top the 120 mark in combined years.