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Ejection was the Highlight

They were up 7-0, we took a 8-7 lead, then Christian was tossed, see further down, and they won 10-9. Our goal was to get all our pitchers some innings and we did. Matt struggled a bit, they crushed the ball and he gave up 5 runs in 2 innings. Jeff Peach came, he hasn’t pitched for 2 months, and once he found home plate he was money. Albo pitched his first innings since June. He wasn’t happy about the write up that said he would never pitch again, suck it up Princess.
Before the game started Fish took 5 swings for iny/outy and didn’t hit the ball so we yanked him. A few of our hitters struggled with timing, but after a couple AB’s we got in the swing of it. Albo blasted another no doubter and Pep stayed hot ripping a triple to straight away center. Peach ripped a double and then he thought he hit a Home Run but ended up being a triple. He was trotting out of the box and it didn’t make the warning track, hit the gym baby. We had 3 infielders in the outfield again but they made all the plays. Dakota Upton made a great bare handed play at second.
The game was long but we need to mention Daamguard’s ejection. Pierre threw him out and he snapped. The best part was after he was tossed from the game, Pierre threw him out of the field. Well maybe not the best part, Christian threw his seeds on him. Some of the words used were moron, loser, Pierre show, we’re not here to watch you and a few more.
We are ready for playoffs, whenever they begin.