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Outgunned the Gunz

Tonight we faced up against ex Longhorn lefty Adam Lentz.  Only a handful of guys remembered who he was so his presence obviously wasn’t that memorable. Things weren’t looking good for us after the 3rd when the Gunz took an early 5-0 lead. Dakota pitched well to start but fell victim to being bled to death.  We were able to finally get the sticks going and tie up the game in the 4th highlighted by Norris’ much needed 2 RBI double.  He ended up with the Klid by the end of the night and said he was pretty excited about it.  We better check if we still have it as Dan Lougen might have took it with him to the states when he moved because he loved it so much.

After 4 innings we put Peaches in.  He pitched well despite getting into some trouble in the 6th while channeling his inner Rex, toe picking and rolling all over the place. He just wanted to get his new pants dirty. We went to extras and scored a run in the 8th with some clutch singles by Jade and Lars.  Peaches shut them down and ended up with the 8-7 win.  Hopefully the rain stays away for the rest of the season and we can finish off with some momentum.  2-4 weeks between games is ridiculous.