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Ulmer 1W and 2 TOE PICKS

We beat the Twinkies 3-2 tonight. Jason Ulmer pitched a gem and gave up a 2 run shot to Freeman for the only runs of the game. The best part of Ulmer’s night was 2 TOE-PICKS coming of the mound. They were classic and the big man went down like he was shot. He then drained a beer after the game and had to shotgun (video on F/B). Brendan Engdahl had a walk off single to win the game. He got picked off again, that makes 4 times this year. We are going to send him to base running camp soon.
We’re off to St. Albert this weekend. We play the St. Albert Tigers, Red Deer Riggers and the Parkland White Soxs. Should be a great weekend of ball