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Swept the Dukes

We swept the Dukes in the first round of playoffs. In game 1 Teddy pitched a gem and struck out 9 Dukes. They had 1 hard hit ball and 6 or 7 bleeders. We were a little sloppy but that what happens when you have 2/12 weeks off ————– Dakota started game 2 but in the 5th we brought in Dan. The TSN turning point was when ‘THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND’ Bryson Kuzek and all his 285 LBS showed up. We were down 5-1 and we scored 5 runs in the inning he sat in the dugout. He then said ‘my work here is done, you guys have this in the bag, and I’m going to Burger King’. He was correct. Bud and Joyce lead the day with 3 RBI’s each. A interesting stat was Jade Alberts, Craig Joyce and Peaches lead us in SB’s. Aaron Wanner had to shoot the boot, check out or facebook page for the video. We play next Saturday against…… IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!