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World’s Longest Duke

It was another battle of 9 vs 9 and our 9 was better then there’s. We beat the Dukes 10-8 in what could of been the FMBA longest game (2 hours and 30 minutes). Matt Whitehead threw about 180 pitches and got the win, while their pitcher threw about 200 pitches. Bud Eisthen had a great day at the plate ripping 2 doubles and 5 RBI’s. Jade Alberts and Aaron Pepin had 3 BB’s each, this gives Jade 17 walks on the year. Hiro Imata tipped toe into the dugout late and no one never he was there, he’s like a Ninja. Dakota Upton was going to bat left handed tonight but we didn’t think that made sense since they threw a lefty.