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Diamond Crushed

It was a interesting night of baseball. Jared Matthew Albo made his 2015 debut and we lost, he might be on the trading block. was good to see Pierre, Lyle and Mike in the stands again chirping away. They also committed to announcing the 7pm game at our tourney, should be EPIC. Good ol Longhorn killer Tom Gayef K’d 11 of us and we could only muster up 1 run. Playing the Irracanta Canadians the weekend before probably hurt our bat speed. Tom threw no off speed and we kept missing or popping it up. Thank goodness they pulled him and put in the muffin lefty and we ripped him for 5 runs, but to little to late. Bud Eisthen had quit the day. He got into a accident just before he got to the ballpark, when he got to the dugout, he threw his bag and hit Ted in the back. His first AB was a 3 pitch K and he proceed to break his bat and call on the Diamondbacks bench. His night was over after that. Dakota Upton is the new FMBA E6, old man Jade Alberts still pays stellar D (he also had a 3 RBI double). Jay Ulmer was off in his second start. When he did throw a strike they ripped it. We play the DB on Sunday again.