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Duking It Out

In Game 1 the Dukes pitcher K’d 12 of us but we pulled out a 6-5 victory. Our bats came alive after the 5th and we were able to squeak out a win. Franco and Hiro made there debut and played extremely well. Franco had a amazing debut, check out the stats. Hiro had 2 major collisions. He collided with Brendan in the outfield and then mowed over there first baseman on a bunt. Ulmer made is 2015 debut and pitched great. ——————— Game 2 was another barn burner and we won 10-9. It was a back and forth game with us pulling out the winning run on a sac fly in the 8th. Franco had another great game. Jade Alberts had a good game with a double and single and threw in a few power swings. Dakota also had 2 hits and picked up the pitching win. ———— The highlight of the game were Pierre and Lyle sitting in the stands getting ripped and chirping everyone. Pierre owes Jade $100 as he ripped a double and Pierre said he would leave the runners stranded. I would have to say he will never see that money. Mike almost kicked them out of the park. Stay classy boys.