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2015 Wish List

Here’s our Wish List. Paul Reid and Kellen Foreman decide that drinking isn’t as important as making a few games. A clean shaven Ted Eisthen is throwing. Brett Suchan plays for 6 teams. Lars Glemser shows up under 200 Lbs. Brett Kinaschuk focuses more on coaching than picking up empties. Matt Whitehead remembers he plays for the Longhorns. Aaron Pepin doesn’t have to catch every game. Bud Eisthen actually contends for the batting title. Jared Albo, well nothing his life is perfect. Craig Joyce regains his form after being voted out as President. Carter Edie has less Gout. Jay Ulmer gets a shirt that absorbs sweat better. Barrett Mahaffey gets a date on Tinder. Good team effort. Dan Lougen delivers a ball to home plate before the runners arrives at second. Nathan Ragonese a new knee. Liam Joa, who is this guy? Big Ben makes the games when he’s in town so he doesn’t complain about all the games he misses. Jade Alberts a new career.