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Longhorns Tourney

The Tourney was a success and we would like to Thank all the teams for participating. Christian and Nelly put on a show behind the mic and were both warned by the umps to tone it down. I know you find this shocking but one of them was Pierre. Pierre put in a shift and score kept the 7pm Saturday night game. The Saturday night MVP was Eric Hoesettler, he was all over the map. He lost his shirt, climbed on the roof, lost is wallet and tried to hump the fire barrel. He’s become a honorary Longhorn and is invited back to every tourney. The Calgary Wolfpack beat the Oyen Eagles in the Final. We didn’t play our best baseball and couldn’t buy a clutch hit. It also sucks that we had guys not show up or had other commitments. I guess we will focus on winning the league for a 15th time.