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No Beanfest vs. Giants

Game 1 – Ulmer pitched a gem throwing all 7 and K’ing 6 Giants. We rattled off 14 hits but 3 of them were sky high infield pop fly’s that they somehow missed. Aaron Pepin had the quote of the day asking if the Mets got new jerseys. Everybody had a hit except Joyce, he got the K-LID……………… Game 2 – Aaron Pepin started and Dan Lougen came in and they managed to get a win. It wasn’t pretty on our side but luckily they decided to turn into the DustDevils. There were 7 lead changes and they were up 2 going into the bottom of 7. Joyce and Teddy got hits and with 1 out Dan Lougen laid down a perfect bunt moving the runners into scoring position and set the stage for Peaches. With 5 hits on the day he notched number 6 but Teddy was going to be thrown out at the plate, so he stopped. They proceed to have a snowball fight and Teddy scored. The next batter was Lars and he ended it with a single. Kellen showed up to Game 2 absolutely hammered and Paul decided not to come as he was still partying at Kellen’s house. Wolfpack / Stags on Tuesday