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GAME 1 – Jason Ulmer pitched good and Chris Grimes had a 2 RBI single but we fell short losing 3-2. The Gunz pitcher was good, but we were patient at the plate and had lots of base runners. We just needed a few clutch hits. GAME 2 we got shit canned 11-1. They threw Jeff Burlo, sorry Trevor Ulmer, and we swung at every first pitch and hit can of corn after can of corn. We were fucking terrible. All I can say is we have to pick it up if we want to make it out of the first round. Half our team is hitting under 300, we run bases like were blind and retarded and our coaches don’t want to give any signs. Gut check time for the Longhorns, SHOW UP OR SHUT UP. It also baffles me that we had 4 beer buckets and there’s $40 in the money bucket. Let’s do the math about 36 beer over 4 buckets is 144 beer. We charge $2.50 a beer that should give us $360. I guess the honor system means drinking for free. Start acting like men and pay for your fucking beer.