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Battle with the Devil

We won both games today 3-1 and 6-5. Game 1 was all about Teddy, he struck out 8 Dustdevils. Game 2 was all about others being generous to us, and by others I mean the Dustdevils and umps. Jade Alberts should have been rung up but then hit a single, Joyce walked to load the bases and then their CF dropped a fly ball to give us 3 runs. Our 4th run was legit from a Brett Suchan single and the 5th run was from a balk (Pierre it was the right call not matter what the Dustdevils say). In the 8th Peaches hit a walk of double for the win. Jade Alberts thought he struck out and started to walk to the dugout, but the ump called it a ball, it was right down the middle thigh high. Albo was 1 strike out away from getting the K-LID. The the Legend Gabe still has the K-Lid, photo on Facebook and a vine on twitter. That being said our bats are heating up heading into our tourney…..NOT. We had 10 hits in 14 innings of ball today. If I was a opposing pitcher, I would throw strikes and let us do our thing. Our favorite position to fly out to is CF. Special thanks to Paul and Ben for being to drunk to show up. Kellen made it for 9am and he had 1 hour of sleep in 2 days.