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Only the Dbacks can own a write up when we don’t play them

With a 7-1 win we lock up our 18th career pennent. The game wasn’t that interesting. Albo struck out 11. Kellen’s new name is E4. Jade Alberts got beaned twice, once right in the knee cap. The best part of today was the Dback vs. Dustdevils. The Dbacks had the worst warm up in league history. The guy hitting inny/outy even took a ball in the face. Then the game started. Their right fielder #3 missed a line drive and turned it into a triple, he jogged to the ball after he missed it. A couple batters later, he took a terrible route to ball and turned that into a triple. Then 59 year old coach Bob Wilgress comes up to bat. The pitcher #64 throws him knuckle balls and walks him (video on our Facebook Page). The Dustdevils put up 7 in innings 1. After numerous chirps from the Gunz and Horns #3 comes up to bat. He takes 2 terrible swings and then hits a ball down the 3rd base line. He proceeds to turn around and give all of us the finger. His hit could have been a double, but he ran right through the bag. I guess that’s acceptable in slowpitch. For a team that nobody knows about they sure a losers. The only exception is #7 Tom, he’s a ball player.