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Longhorns win battle of white pants

Since we are undefeated wearing white pants, there was no reason to change to the greys. Albo started the game and is probably leading the league in Ks with only 10 innings pitched. I don’t think he has to pitch anymore this year and he will still be ahead. After making the Cardinals look like little leaguers at the dish the horns defense decided to boot the ball and make Albo throw more pitches. I think they wanted to see how many Ks he would rack up. The Cards finally got some hits and blew the game open leading 5-2 in the bottom of 6. With the bottom of the order up, the Horns managed to tie the game because the pitchers for the cards started to throw like the Mets pitchers (circa 2011) and walk in the tying runs. With no warming up the previous inning, Joyce was on the bump. He did well considering, and threw strikes. Unfortunately the Cardinals decided to put up a hitting clinic and score 3 runs. This caused them to be even louder than Kuzek would be. With 2 quick outs in the bottom of the seventh and Jade Alberts texting to see if we were still undefeated, the Longhorns caught a break with the Card’s shortstop booting the 3rd out. The Horns then all got hits from Peaches, Foreman and Albo to win the game. This finally shut the Cards up and devastated them. On another note: Twitter posts from the Longhorns, Cardinals and Diamondbacks have been good all day.