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14th Annual Stampede Touney

The tourney was a success with the Stags beating the Wolfpack in the final. The Wolfpack had a impressive showing. They drank until 4am on Saturday night and 6 of them spooned in a 4 man tent behind home plate. WE SUCKED. For the first time in 9 years went 2 and a Q. Five hits over 2 games doesn’t help. The final numbers have been added up for the beer drinking contest. Once again the Horns win with 223 drinkypoos. The Gunz had a impressive showing coming in second with 149. The Pack came in 3rd with 136, Cards drank 134, Oyen 108, Stags 64 and the Umps finished with 19. The other highlight of the tourney was Oyen getting there first win in 4 years. Unfortunately they committed 19 errors in the other 2 loses, but they were perfect against us. Spencer Mehl, the team manager, was quoted as saying they will make the final next year. Aren Nelson put on a announcing clinic. Once he passed the 15 beer mark the slurring was still clear and everyone was on his radar, even the umps. We like to thank the FMBA for the use of the diamond as it would not be possible without your cooperation.