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We had 4 guys bail around 3pm but were able to come up with 10. Got to love having a roster of 23 and barely being able to field a team. With over half the team playing spots they never play, it hurt us. Here is a great example. On a grounder to second we had a snowball fight (at least 3 errors) and they got a inside the infield home run. Jade finally got rid of all the Turkey dinners from the weekend as he puked behind the dugout after the first. This could account for his knee pick while trying to field a ball at third. Or maybe not being able to get the ball to first in the Hurricane. On a positive note Arne got rid of the K-LID. Since it was Farmer Trent Corbett’s first game of the season, he roamed center field. He made 2 good very good catches in the wind storm. Albo took the lose on the mound, but hit a can of corn fly ball to right that ended up being a infield single. Brent Kelly had a good day at the plate. He ripped a single to center, collected a SAC fly RBI and a walk.