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2 Birds hit, 1 Bird Pancaked and the longest ground rule double in history

Another exhibition game against the young redbirds. Ulmer started the game with hitting two birds in the first inning, knocking one of them out of the game with a FB to the hip and the other to the ribs. After 2.5 years of rest, Horns have acquired a new arm for the push for yet another FMBA championship. Fisher threw hard, but had difficulties finding the plate. Paul hit a blooper off the opposite ball field fence behind our actually ball fence which was called a ground rule double. Another Longhorn has been robbed of a bomb. Play of the game was when a ground ball up the middle was picked up by Peaches and threw to first where Big O, still dreaming about Milan, forgot to go while playing first base. Big O then pancaked a surprised young redbird runner on his mission to get the ball thrown to the fence. It mirrored a young Warren Sapp coming across the middle against a unsuspecting running back. First base coach proceeded to advise his player, “Try to avoid running into big guys like that!”. Following this episode, Big O struck out and proceeded to throw his bat against the fence where he caught his elbow on the fence and started to leaking from his elbow. That was enough of a day for big O as he still wished he was in Milan. Arne still has the K Lid. Side note, Engdahl tried to get out of shooting the boot with 4 oz of Scotch but Foreman wasn’t having any of that. And we lost 5-3.