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Outlaws & Longhorns Strike out 42 Times

Today’s 2-2 tie was all about pitching and a few Longhorn records were set. The Ex Pro Stud lefty K’d 19 of us in 10 innings. Not to be out done, Jared Albo our team skid from Saskatoon, K’d 23 Outlaws in 10 innings. Three K-LIDS were handed out today. Jared Albo and Bengee had 4 K’s each, while Kuzek had 3. When you add Arne to this list from last game, we have 4 guys with the K-LID. That is simply impressive. Coach Rex really has to juggle the line up so they can all wear the helmet. We actually might have to make a new one. We left 10 runners on base and had 8 hits. Peaches was on fire tonight with 2 singles and a double. This tie hurts Albo, as he shook of Carter with 2 out in the 7th. Rex’s long lost brother Pat Shipit had a 0-2 count and not a sniff all night. Instead of throwing him another fastball he decides to hang a curve which is bleeded over second base.