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Longhorns 14th Annual Stampede Tourney

The 14th annual tourney is in the books and we took the title by beating the Red Deer Stags 6-2 in the final. In game 1 we beat Oyen 3-2, Game 2 took down Calgary’s only ‘AAA’ Ball team the Redbirds 8-3. In the semi’s we faced the Cards and won 8-5. There was approx 650 beers consumed over the 3 days by 5 teams. The Redbirds don’t count as they drank 12 whole beers in 3 days (The umps drank 17). We would like to thank them for there past years of entry fees as they are not going to be invited back. As usual lots of laughs but the highlight of the weekend was the rental of a PA system. Having a open Mike for drunks to do the announcing equals great times. There were many pricless lines but you will have to come down next year to see what all the excitement is about.