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New Longhorns

The Longhorns have 3 new recruits to introduce. Ty Hinton is a young buck that played college ball in California. He moved back to Calgary and wants to be a Longhorn. His cousin Charlie just retired again and hopefully this does not affect him mentally. We project him as a future 3B as Kuzek is not getting any smaller………………… Jeff Vosburgh comes to us via Slo Pitch and has also come out of retirement to play REAL ball again. When we asked him to describe himself as a pitcher he said he was ‘EFFECTIVELY WILD’. We liked that so much we signed him. It does not hurt that he throws around 85 and is 6’5′ (he bought lunch to)…………………….. Andrew Walker is a another Saskatchewan transplant but he comes via Red Deer. We traded Mike Byers for him. He made his debut the other day and is a solid 5′ tall infielder. Paul is finally bigger than someone. Andrew will be the Rance Mullinicks of the Longhorns, jack of all trades but master of none. Andrew works on the Fan 960 with Mike Richards in the morning. We are hoping the Longhorns get a weekly show on the radio…………………. After a odd year of not winning the league, these guys will help us win in 2010.