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Golf Tourney Wind up

The Golf Tourney was another success. It has taken us a week to piece together what happened. Jade, Carter, Charlie and Rex won. Albo and some other guy, I can not remember who, won Long Drive and Closest to the pin. There were a few shot guns, Turkey Dinners and a ton of guys with a light buzz, The highlight of the night was on the Party Bus home (it had 3 stripper poles). After a valiant effort by all the guys to try stripper moves with no success a 17 guy Battle Royal occurred. Witnesses say that it could have been the gayest thing they have ever seen. 17 guys rolling around the ground with no shirts on wrestling and sometimes even biting. All in all it was a great night but we might have to find a new venue after Rex streaked down the 18th hole with just Speedos on.