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Saskatoon Tourney

We got games in and the rain did not show up until Sunday. The Saturday morning game was a tough one but we pulled out a 6-4 win. Joyce struggled on the mound walking 6. Jade Alberts had a double, single and 2 rbis, he also made the longhorns catch of the year. Playing first the ball was hit in foul territory and running back dived and all 220 lbs were parallel to the ground when he caught it. Any other first baseman would have made that catch look routine. In game 2 we played the Stallions and came up on the short end losing 4-3. We gave up 2 runs in the bottom of the 7th but it was a great game. As usual there was a lot of fun that can not go on the website. The highlight of the tourney came from the Cards game when there second baseman who was on first was trying to score on a ball hit into the gap. He toe picked coming around third and looked like he was swimming down the third base line before he fell flat on his face. The catcher walked out and tagged him on the head, it was the funniest thing I have seen in years. He was lucky that the game was at 3pm and not 9 as there were only a few chirps from the beer garden