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Gane 3 vs. Wolfpack

We have equalled our entire loses last year 2 games into this season by losing 3-1 last night. Lets just say the bats have not come around yet as we had only 3 hits (Lars, Peaches and Rex). We are not known for great starts, 2 years ago we were 2-4 and then rattled off 23 wins in a row. Paul still has the K-LID and T-Roy did not show up so he has it as well. Big O threw for us last night and beaned 5 players. That equalled his entire total from last season and you have to remember he hit 3 Mets on purpose (they still do not know why). Jade Alberts had another 3 walks bringing his season total to 5. The quote of the night comes from Big O. We were chatting in the dugout and someone said Rex had a great BP when they threw to him, Big O stepped up and said ‘It looooked like he was on a skateboard when I threw to him’. Rex was batting at the time and he was definitely on a skateboard as he struck out in 3 pitches.