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FMBA Final vs. Acme Pirates: Game 3 – Win 6-2 – 2007 LEAGUE CHAMPIONS

The big man Jason Ulmer threw a gem and kept the Pirates at bay, he would of had a shutout except for a lucky bounce at short to let them score 2 runs. Acme checked out the website to find motivation and there was none so they were doomed from the start, maybe next year. Randy (Kuzek) walked around with his shirt off after the win and wow what a site. We are going to put him on a ‘Bacon-Ater’ diet so he will hit 280lbs next year. All in all, it was a great year and the Longhorns won their 12th Championship in 15 years. Paul Reid is the first Longhorn in history to carry the K-LID over to the next season. As Arne Larson was once quoted ‘Night Night’ and see you at the Poker tourney to be announced shortly. The Golf Tournament is Scheduled for September 22nd, See you there.