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Game 1

First game against the Dukes. AJ wanted the start against his old teammates and he did pretty good.  He got knocked around a bit but settled in.  At least we didn’t have to wait 2 weeks to play this game and we hit the ball a little bit. We finally scored a run with Peaches breaking the slump and getting the RBI.  We popped the ball up quite a bit this game but at least we got more than one hit.  We lost 7-1 to a hard hitting Dukes team.

Game 2

We made the switch to the heavy baby blue jerseys and put Teddy on the bump.  Things started to look back to normal as we started to play some D and knocked the ball around.  Teddy pitched well and we finally got a W on the board winning 7-6.  Peaches led the offence with a HR shy the cycle. Bad news is that most of us are showing our age and are now hurt and falling apart.  Also, we need serious baserunning lessons.  We had 2 guys picked off at second and another picked off jumping the gun trying to steal second.  Kuzek would have absolutely lost it if he was there.

We are in mid-June and only 10 guys are showing up for games. Can’t wait until August.  Arne may be getting a call soon…