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In the land of Splitsville

Game 1

Pepin pitched a complete game gem and we beat the Diamondbacks 7-5. We only made 2 errors but a couple great plays by Dakota and Josh. Dakota made a diving stab up the middle and Josh made a barehanded play at 3rd to end the game. Albo hit one 395 to miss out on a Grand Slam which would’ve completed the cycle. Joyce made his season debut and still ran like he had to many Shanghai noodles. Teddy was struck out by Darren Tecklenberg’s son making him the first Longhorn to be stuck out by a father and son.

In pre game, Stromme was hitting plastic balls off the tee and missed the first one and broke the tee. In the game, Stromme lined a foul ball right at our dugout and just missed Bud’s head.  That was probably the only eventful thing we did in this game as the Dbacks hit every hole on the field.  They broke open the game in the second inning with a grand slam and never looked back.  Later in the game Joyce had an absolute terrific at bat and ripped a single down the line to break up the no-hitter.  He toe-picked rounding first and still thought he was fast enough to get to second.  They were able to throw it around the horn and still get him out. Needless to say we got dimed and our defense has more holes than a slice of swiss cheese.