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25th Anniversary Season Underway!

Game 1

Teddy got the start to kick off our 25 anniversary season.  He pitched well but had to get 6 outs in the first inning as our defense didn’t help him out too much. We spotted them 4 runs.  They didn’t even get a hit out of the infield. We made a bit of a comeback but it wasn’t enough. Albo started the year hot with a couple of knocks.  It was good to see Pauly Reid back in the dugout.  He forgot he was in the lineup and took a while to get ready for his first AB.  He almost got called out for taking too long.  He was amped up though and came out hacking right away.  All in all it was great to finally be back outside playing ball on a great day.
Game 2
Dakota started game 2. He pitched well and again we spotted the Cards 2 runs in the first with a dropped fly ball.  We smacked the ball around with Albo, Pep and Bud leading the way with a couple hits each.  Newest Longhorn Taylor made his pitching debut and looked great.  He pitched a solid 3 innings.  Zack came in for the save and struggled to find the zone but battled through and got out of it with a nice play by Pep to end the game.