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Not in the Cards

Game 1

Dakota started game 1.  He didn’t have his best stuff but we didn’t help him too much on D either. Again we can’t catch popups and those add up.  Overall we hit the ball well but it wasn’t enough.  Lars had a bomb to tie it in dramatic fashion in the bottom of the 7th but an error on a bunt in the 8th is what cost us.  They put up 4 and we could only reply with Albo’s monster 2 run shot.  We lost 11-9.
Game 2
Teddy got the bump in game 2.  All was going and we were up 6-0 then Teddy tried to bare hand a come backer.  He ended up breaking his thumb on that play but looking back at our shortened bench we didn’t really have anybody that could come in relief.  Teddy continued to pitch but kept the ball up and they hit 4 bombs off of him.  Lars stayed hot, hitting a double and triple and Kurt came through with a monster 3 run shot.  Peaches came in and got the save with 3 pitches.  We won 15-13.
Game 3
On a cold night in game 3 we took a 3-0 lead early.  The Cardinals clawed back and took the lead 4-3 going to the bottom of 7.  Hiro got on, promptly stole 2nd and the Cards had a snowball fight as Hiro ran around the bases to tie it.  We had a runner on 3rd but couldn’t cash in.  This was the second year in a row we have done this. We ended up losing 6-4 in 8.  A great effort by Pep as he tried to go the distance. Too bad we couldn’t help him on the sticks as we only had 2 hits this game.  Thanks to the guys who showed up and gutted out this series.  I don’t think we have ever been done this early in the year before.  Here’s hoping that next year will bring less injuries, more clutch, more pitching and more hunger!