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Two Good Dukes

Game 1

Kurtis Call started and didn’t like the FMBA mound. That’s what happens when your first game back from College is on our mound. He struggled a bit leaving the ball high, and they ripped a few fastballs but all in all, not a bad first game. Pep game in and shut the door allowing no runs. We won 10-5.  Our defense was good, Lars made a beauty catch and we only made 1 error.

After 15 days off we struggled at the dish and thank god they walked a ton off us. Kellen got called out for not sliding, and then the same play happen to them the same inning with no call, and Kellen yells at the ump he didn’t slide. He was not pleased. Ted and Bud got booted and in a Longhorn first Bud was ejected from the next game as well.
Game 2
Albo finally woke up hitting a bomb and double. Teddy needed 53 pitches to dime the Dukes 10-0. Goodie ripped a triple and the game took just over an hour. Peaches and Kellen made outstanding defensive plays. Bud fetched balls all game.