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Les Canadiens sont écrasés

Game 1

We beat the Canadians 7-3, but it really should’ve been 7-0. Teddy threw a 4 hit 5 inning gem, and it looks like Brendan Either is getting credit for the win. Connor O’Hare came in, had a bit of trouble finding the strike zone, and they scored 3 runs off him. Norris and Hiro were close to getting the K-Lid. Lars had a clutch 2 out RBI single; Jade had 7 RCi’s but other than that the game was pretty boring.

Game 2
We ripped the ball over field racking up 11 hits in 5 innings. Every Longhorn in the Line up had a hit. Norris had 3 knocks, Teddy had 2 and Kellen Foreman had 3 RBI’s.
It was a good start to the season, and we got everyone into the games. Gamechanger is easy to use, but it’s a pain in the ass. You have to monitor every pitch, but we’ll see how it goes.