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FMBA Teams Christmas Wish List

We Donald Trump APP-LOW-GIZE if you’re offended. We heard through the rumor mill this is what’s on the FMBA teams Christmas Wish List


To actually win a meaningful game. They say no one remembers second place but that’s not true for the Giants. They wish that teams would forget them but it’s hard to when you cry all the time.


They are debating changing their name to the Red Deer Stags. They wish all the players they pick up will actually play for their team one day. They also want to prove that winning 1 championship isn’t a fluke


They wish for a second starting pitcher or that Smitty can start throwing with his right hand.


The greatest FMBA team to never win anything. They just want a meaningful victory. It can be  within the FMBA, at a tourney or provincials.


They can’t wait for Justin Trudeau to legalize marijuana so they don’t have to buy it off the skids at the end of the parking lot. Santa says their 1 championship was a fluke


They wish for a few rainout games so their season doesn’t end the second week of July. Marv also wants to play SS again.


Unlike the old Mets and Chiefs they wish to keep getting better.


There were no rumblings so we don’t know what they wish for.


They wish for other teams to stop stealing all their players. They also wish to play league games like they play in the Saskatoon Tourney.

That Brett Kinaschuk and Jade Alberts retire so people keep calling us old. That the young, supposedly in shape, players stop getting hurt and the old fat ones start getting hurt. That the 2 tourney’s we enter don’t get rained out because we need to drink less.


Nothing, they’re perfect. Just ask them.


We wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas.