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Time to Pack our bags…

This is a tough first round match up for us.  The Wolfpack have 4 lefty pitchers and match up well against our predominately left handed hitting team.  We always have great battles with them and this series surely did not disappoint.

Game 1 we put the ball in play and let them boot the ball around.  We also ripped the ball around the park and scored 10 runs in 3 innings.  Unfortunately that was too much of a break for Peach as he was on and off around the plate in his playoff pitching debut.  We had to bring in Teddy to mop up and he got the job done. Pep and Albo had 3 RBIs each and Norris made a huge diving play at second to kill momentum they had.  Lars and Brendan also ripped the ball.  We ended up beating them 14-8.
Game 2 part 1 featured us against the tough lefty Smitty.  Dakota pitched well and although a shaky start he figured things out and mowed them down for the rest of the game.  We were down 4-1, we clawed back and the score was 5-3.  In the bottom of the 6th Peaches hit a huge triple to score Lars and Norris followed up with a single to cash in Peaches to tie the game.  This is where it stood for a couple days as the game was called due to darkness after 9 innings.  Goodie had a nice day at the dish and Pep ended up having 4 hits in this portion of the game.
Game 2 Continued….We ended up playing the rest of the game Tuesday night. Guess who we saw again…who else…Smitty.  The Wolfpack game up firing and scored 4 runs in the top of the 10th.  We couldn’t answer back and took the loss 9-5.
Game 3 started off awesome with Bud hitting a three run bomb to start off the first inning.  The Wolfpack started to hit the ball and found themselves right back in it.  They ended up hitting everything in sight all night.  It didn’t matter where it was pitched they either found a hole or hit a gap. It was a lazer show.  They ended up diming us 15-5.  Props to Norris who played with a broken finger and still ripped the ball.  Also thanks for the 10/11 guys that showed up for this game.  They played hard but in the end we didn’t have much options for pitching left but we made due.  It just wasn’t our night.  We had our chances to score on Saturday but couldn’t cash in.   Good luck to the Wolfpack in the next rounds. They wanted it more this time around.
It was a weird season with lots of rain and long breaks between ball games.  Hard to get into a rhythm but it was the same for all teams.  We definitely had too many games with 9/10 guys out which didn’t help.  There will be a lot of things to discuss in the off season.  We will be definitely be looking forward to our legendary windup!