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Albo and Fraser hit inside the park Bombs

We beat Smitty 5-3 in game 1 and then lost game 2 15-4. Smitty K’d 10 of us and then we put the ball play and they did the rest. Dakota pitched another gem and held their bats at bay. Not a lot of excitement but more surprising was the lack of chirps from the Cards, a very poor showing.
Teddy put the ball on a T in game 2 and it was a laser light show. He gave up 9 runs in 2 innings on what seemed like double after double after triple. He got yanked but we couldn’t make a comeback.
We have to mention the Wolfpack. Fraser had a game to remember hitting for the cycle (see photo), Neil sank 2 shotguns and Carlos was dancing in the dugout while Midnight Lust struck out. Check out our Facebook page the videos. Carlos, it wasn’t a hit, quit begging.