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Who is this Ulmer Guy?



Longhorn bats come alive for old rusty ULMER on the mound and we win 15-1. Teddy 3-3 5 RBIs, The rest hit well, ULMER threw 3, Joyce threw 2… Joyce Gave up 1 in the bottom of 5 after horns turned a triple play but called safe at 3rd.  Up 10-0, Norris steals 2nd, Kellen subsequently gets dotted, Longhorns cheer! We have to teach Midnight Lust the rules of the FMBA. Play of the game goes to Kellen… Fly ball to Pep camped at first, Kellen calls him off, Swan dives and completely misses the fly ball, nice double.  Next inning round 2, same play, same result… All in all good night of baseball.