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We split with the Giants today, we lost game 1 12-2 and won game 2 6-0.

We spotted them 6 unearned runs in 2 innings and proceed to leave 9 runners in scoring position. We didn’t help Aaron Pepin out in the field or at the dish. They had only 2 non bleeders hits, I’m sure it will be ripping the ball on their website, and we had none. We couldn’t bloop or get a key hit at any point in the game.

Game 2 Dakota Upton threw a gem and they couldn’t bloop anything. We finally had a few key hits and they gave us one when Kenny, FMBA home run king, let a ball go under his glove in right. We think he did it on purpose to get a invite back to our golf tourney wind up. Non hungover Brendan Engdahl had a 2 RBI double. Bud was kicked out for drawing a line across the middle of the plate when he struck out, that left us with 9 guys. The most interesting part of the game happened when Umpires (Lyle & Mike) decided to call a “DO OVER”. Norris Philpotts was on second and Kellen Foreman hit a ball to short. Norris took off to 3rd but stopped and went back to 2nd. Their SS bobbled it but Lyle called time and said Norris was out for interference, FYI Mike called him safe (it was Mike’s call). They talked about it and then decided to “Do OVER” the play and let Kellen hit again because it would be fair for both teams. The right call was everyone was safe because the SS made a error. Kellen went out and who knows if we would’ve scored or not but it changed the inning.

We discussed this in the beer gardens and Lyle said that if anyone mentions “DO OVER” at our next game they will be ejected. We better have a big bench as I’m sure those 2 words will be uttered a few times. I’m sure it won’t be brought up at our Tourney. Bud Eisthen was on fire in the beer gardens, F-BOMBING everyone