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Provincial Champs Go Down

We beat the reigning Provincial Champs 12-8 in what was the worst game in FMBA history. The wind was howling and the game took 2 1/2 hours. Joyce started his first game in 2 years, as we have no pitchers showing up, and spotted them a 5-2 lead, Albo then came in and couldn’t throw strikes. Their pitcher was throwing great, hitting his spots and for some reason was pulled in the 5th after a walk and a bleeder. They then proceeded to put in a couple terrible pitchers who we ripped if they didn’t walk us. Albo had a triple and HR, Brendan had a triple and Bud ripped a double. Homeless Teddy had 3 hits on the night and Norris was picked off on first base. He said it’s never happened before but we don’t believe him because he was so out he couldn’t make it back to the bag, it looked like he was tying his shoes.

There was a play when one of there players slid into 3rd somehow caught his wrist on Bud’s cleat. His wrist was sliced open and we got pressure on it right away. He made it to the hospital and requires a lot of stitches. We hope he heals fast and gets back on the diamond soon. Take care of that wrist