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Day to Remember

It was a great opening day and it was a great little ceremony to remember Wayne. Thank you to the Diamondbacks who showed a ton of class by lining up on the base line, we really appreciate that, THANK YOU. Tons of Ex Longhorns showed up and even though most still think their in shape they are actually skinny fat, except Kuzek (he’s just fat). They haven’t lost there chirping skills, which was great to hear. It was great to have Roy, Wayne’s Dad, and Kayley, Wayne’s daughter, throw out the first pitch.

A special thank you to Nicole for making the plaque to honor all the great players who that played in our league, but left us to early

The only good thing about the games is we didn’t lose to Tom Gayef. It was a great battle and we lost 11-7 in 11. Dakota pitch a gem and struck out 9, the problem is we had to pill him. We brought in Rob Fisher who hasn’t pitched in 4 years and it showed, he gave up 5 runs on 0 hits before Jade Alberts had to come in and get El Presidente to hit into a double play. Thank you James for not running that out.
Before game 2 started 4 guys left, I guess they had other priorities or are just to old to play 18 innings. They shit canned us 8-2. We only had 2 hits, 1 by Kellen who had a great day going 4-5 with a triple. Teddy pitched well but had no help.