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16th Annual Stampede Tounrey

It was the 16th annual Longhorns Stampede Tourney and there was a lot of great ball. We set a attendance record of 548 fans in 2 days and the tourney was rainout on Sunday. It’s to bad Mother Nature didn’t cooperate as we had 4 solid teams in the semis. As our good friend Davin Gulbradson said these teams are just a good as any in the Sunburst. Longhorns won there 16th straight beer tally, but the Oyen Eagles made it a close race. The Calgary Cardinals and Calgary Gunz need to step their game up if they get invited back next year. Elliot ‘0 for 5’ Shrive had a great sleep on Saturday night as did his brother Hiro ‘Ninja’ Imata. There were a few shoot the boots and the Calgary White Soxs put on a how to get really ripped quick clinic. That’s pretty much it for the write up what happens at the Longhorns Tourney stays at the Longhorns Tourney.