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The Hab nots

This game was pretty uneventful and to no surprise we beat the Canadians. We didn’t have a catcher until about 5 minutes before the game. Hiro didn’t even get to warmup his arm. Dakota started and looked effortless out there. He threw nothing but strikes until his first ball in the 3rd inning. Kellen made a savvy vet move in the outfield fooling the baserunner and throwing him out at 2nd. Our bats were cold until about the 6th inning. Apparently we can’t hit anything slower than BP. Bud and Pep and Albo hit well. The highlight of the night came in about the 5th inning when Hiro threw his warmup to secondbase right at Dakota’s back. Everybody called their popups and no one got hurt this game. Next up is the Giants on Saturday.