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Crushed the Cards

We outscored the Cards 29-13 in 2 games. In Game 1 (2 1/2 hours to play) we were up 8-0 and then the Cards took the lead 9-8. They brought in the human robot Closer/BP pitcher Nelly and we lit him up for 7. They would have won the game but Burlo’s age caught up with him and could only baffle us for 2 innings. Teddy started and pitched well until the drugs wore off. Coach Rex waited to long to pull him but it wasn’t entirely his fault. Joyce forgot his jerseys and need a hour to warm up. I guess that happens when you go from President of the league to groundkeeper. We had 18 hits, Peaches had 4 and Kellen had a bases loaded double which he won’t remember until he reads this. Brendan Engdahl kept the K-LID ————————— Game 2 the bats stayed hot with 13 hits. Teddy lead the way with 3 hits, 2 doubles and a single. Joyce fresh of doing the field went 3-3. There were a couple firsts. Dakota, Josh and Aaron got there first hits as Longhorns. Dakota got his first hit as a lefty and Josh got the game diming RBI. We would like to thank Elliot (rookie) for making this game go one extra inning. He cursed Jade and Peaches into making errors by talking about the dime. Great start the season and we play the Canadians on Thursday.