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23 MVP saves the day

45 minutes to game time Peaches was frantically sending emails because we only had 4 guys at the diamond. A few more trickled but we were stuck at 8. Pretty pathetic with our 24 man roster. Retired Longhorn legend Arne Larson had enough of shopping for Pokemon cards and replied asking if we still needed somebody. That’s why we never change the email list. You are on it for life. That story was more interesting than the game we played against the Diamondbacks. Piere established is alpha male status early, kicking the Diamondbacks off the field in the middle of their warmup. Arne got thrown into the fire with the first hit of the game being a gap shot, making him run and throw it in with no warm up. Arne ended up getting a hit in his return, Peaches went 3 for 3, Albo had a couple hits and Ted pitched well.