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Whitesox still hungover from Longhorns Tourney

21-3 in a 12 inning double dip. Teddy and Ulmer pitched well racking up 12 ks in 12 innings. Game 1 was a quick 9-0 lead in 3 but couldn’t close out the dime and played all 7. Play of the game was Buds bases loaded shot down the line off the foul pole called foul, then changed to grand slam and after players ran the bases called a ground rule double. Game two we continued to mash and dimed them in 5. Pepin had 2 triples and single in the game, Carter hits first triple in 3 years but his body told him he’s too old and pulled his hammy rounding second and limped backed to second. Joyce had 2 triples on the day. Games were topped off by Barrett doing to 2 shotguns post game and the last one was with a Whitesox supplied beer.