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Retro Jersey Day at the Park

We wore the original purple jerseys and won game 1 6-4. Ulmer pitched all 8 innings, yes it took up 8 innings and a rodeo show by there right fielder for us to win this game (we’re told he doesn’t like our tweets, BEAT IT NERD). Bud got tossed by none other than Pierre and he gave Ulmer 3 warm up pitches in the 6th inning. He gave the Giants the finger in the stands and for that Pierre gets first star. Why does he keep making it into our write ups? Peaches got picked off again and Brendan would of but thank goodness Pierre knows, sorry I meant wrote the rule book. Big Ben can’t wait until we play the White Soxs. For some reason they want to chirp a 6’9′ monster who likes throwing bouncers around for fun, good luck with that………. In Game 2, wearing the orange jerseys, Dan Lougen mowed them down and we crushed them 11-1. Joyce stayed hot ripping a triple and 2 singles. Weyni and Barrett almost got the K-LID and one of our rookies decided to bunt when we were up 9-1. We had a chat with him.