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Tale of 2 Goats

Derek Goat started the day off K’ing 7 of our first 8 batters, but then his 28 year old body started falling apart. We scored 7 runs in the 3rd inning all with 2 outs while only recording 1 hit. The Wolfpack then reached into the future and put Shawn Connor on the mound, we scored 5 runs on him all with 2 outs. We scored 4 more runs but only 3 of them with 2 out, we can thank Albo for that, jackass. That would make the total 16-6 for the Longhorns. They need more Red Deer Stags in their line up. Joyce hit a home run and pitched 3 scoreless innings, but Ted was ripped all over the field. Aaron Pepin, Jade Alberts, and Jared Albo ripped doubles, Brendan Engdahl hit a triple and Bud hit the ball out of the infield. Carter’s catching days are officially behind him, we need to recruit another catcher. We have a double dip against the DustDevils on Saturday and its special jersey day.