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U of C Juniors Part 2

We had enough guys to field a team today but didn’t fair to well. It didn’t help that Jared Albo showed up drunk and his driver Kellen rolled in at 11am. Game 1 was a one run game until Gabe pitched. His final appearance as a Longhorn pitcher was the same as his first, he walked 5, 7 pitches hit half way up the backstop, 4 curve balls in the grass and 4 strikes. They blew it open but we clawed back to lose 9-7. Our age started to show during game 2. Playing 3 games in 24 hours is not our cup of tea. We were up 3-1 going into the 6th and we gave up 3. Weyni made some sort or superman dive that was not close to the ball that scored 3 runs, at least he made a effort, right Paul. We have 8 days off and need it.