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What about the GunZZZZ. I will give Enright props for taking a start up team with 0 wins and winning a championship 10 years later. He possibly put together the greatest pot smoking ball team in the history of mankind. Multiple times he tried to trade for Teddy but had no one clean to ship back to us. There’s a reason that dogs aren’t allowed in the ball park, there’s to many roaches on the ground and they would leave stoned. They’ve battled every team on the field, off the field and on social media, but always forget after toking up after one of there 100 yearly practices. They have more practices in one year than all teams combined in the History of the FMBA. That was until Joyce wouldn’t allow them on field anymore, yes they beaned him. Maybe they just need a place to smoke up? Maybe they’re friends with the dealers at the west end of the parking lot? Maybe that’s were they park and they are one in the same? These are some deep thoughts. One day they’ll figure out that selling some of their pot would be a huge fundraiser. When that day comes, the GunZZZ will be the best dressed team. Unfortunately the logo on their hat will be replaced by a marijuana plant and one the dressing rooms will be turned into a hot box. Looking forward to this day as our field will be immaculate, with no gopher holes and a state of the art sprinkler system. We can say this as Enright was arguably the best VP of Maintenance we’ve ever had. All joking aside we love playing them and are one of the best teams in the province