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Calgary Cardinals

All that needs to be said is Calgary Cardinals. The FMBA most hated team, FMBA bad boys, FMBA most overrated team is just a few ways to describe them. They also have the FMBA most hated played in BP throwing Aren Nelson (honorable mention goes to the Dukes First baseman, still don’t know this losers name). They can win the Longhorns tourney and then barely squeak by the Dustdevils. They are definitely the most inconsistent team in the FMBA. With 26 guys on there roster, that show up every game, it’s no wonder they are always fighting amongst each other and players quitting mid season. They host provincials, lose in the final, and go to Westerns. They have 9 guys with no regular infielders at Westerns. They tried to pick up everyone in the league and no one wanted or could go. You’d figure the team wouldn’t host provincials knowing they’d be short handed if they won. This is the Cards and they probably thought they could win with 9. I bet if they were allowed to play with 8 they think they could win. THEY ARE LEGENDS IN THEIR OWN MIND.